The urinalysis section is one of the important sections of the laboratory for the diagnosis of kidney and urinary tract, as well as the metabolic testing of newborns for genetic diseases.

So doing urine tests can help physicians to diagnose diseases.

In this section, several tests are performed to diagnose various diseases, such as: urine glucose , urine amino acid,  urine protein, microalbumin, K, Na,Mg,Cl, Ca,phos,Urea,Cr,uric acid, blood pressure related tests (methaniferin, normandanfrin and VMA).

The urinal analysis section is located on the second floor of the lab. Includes two laboratory technicians working from morning shifts to evening shifts in this section.

Urinalysis Analytical Devices include:
1. Hood Class 1
2. Centrifuges
3. Optical microscope
4. Refractometer

Types of tests:
Includes all routine tests including urinalysis of Random urine to check urine-protein, urine blood, specific gravity, urine pH, bence jones protein, red blood cells, dysmorphic ... and 24-hour urine for protein checking, Microalbumin, K, Na, Ca, Oxalate, Citrate, Methanephrine and Normandanferin, VMA urine, ...

Internal quality control results:

The solutions and acids are checked by urine samples as positive and negative Controls. The urinary tract is controlled by the company's products.

Reception and Reports:

After receipt of the patient's request, the patient's registration and admission is sent to the sample and analyzed by the technician of the department, after which the reports are examined and controlled. The results are sent to the response department and the test report is finalized by the head of the laboratory and delivered to the patient by signature.


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