The molecular department is located on the 4th floor of the central building. This department is completely classified into three separated rooms. Extraction room (Pre-PCR), PCR room (Post-PCR) and electrophoresis room. To safety rules and prevention of pollution, every room is equipped with its special equipment and staff uses the dressing gown and slippers in every room.

There are two chemical hoods and a laminar one in Pre-PCR that the laminar hood is used for extraction and the chemical ones are used for two purposes, one for Mix preparation and the other one for DNA injection. Also, there is an apparatus called QIA-Cube which is an automatic extractor. Refrigerator centrifuge, conventional centrifuge, and microcentrifuge are the other equipment of the Pre-PCR room.

After extraction, mix preparation, and DNA injection, we enter to Post-PCR room for PCR operation which is done by both real-time and conventional techniques in this department. For conventional PCR, after PCR by thermocycler, PCR product is run along with the agarose gel in an electrophoresis tank in the electrophoresis room and then is read as bands by a device that is called gel documentation system (duct-gel). For real-time operation in post-PCR, there are two apparatuses called Corbett and its newer generation called Rotor-gene Q which many PCR tests consist of viral and genomic PCR by diagnostic kits and also setting up tests by an experienced staff of the department without any necessity of diagnostic kits are done quantitatively and qualitatively in this department.

The most important tests which are done in this department, it can be named as HBV quantitative and qualitative PCR, HCV quantitative and qualitative PCR and HCV genotyping and also HPV genotyping that is detected with both diagnostic kit and designed primers for diagnosing 14 HPV genotypes which are more important and dangerous, MTB, Brucella PCR and also the other types of viral PCR. Genomic PCR tests are including BCR-ABL, JAK2 and other types of genomic tests.


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