The pathology department of the Babol Razi Pathobiology laboratory was set up in 1390 based on physicians' requests and to service improvement and also responsiveness to the needs of the medical arena in this field.
Technical assistants of department: Dr. Ensieh Shafiq, pathology assistant professor and anatomical pathology specialist from Tehran University, in cooperation with Dr. Shima Soleimani, Anatomical and Clinical pathology specialist the owner of specialty board and also the fellowship of gastrointestinal pathology from Netherland, are responsible for this department and they work relying on worthy and impressive academical and clinical background and also with use of the best equipment of the day and experienced staff.
All the levels of the reception and sample preparation are done under the direct supervision of our pathology experts (specialists) and the function of macroscopy and microscopy study of samples and writing of cytology and pathology reports are directly dedicated to the department's pathologist.
This department is capable of doing special tests in the field of pathology with the use of proprietary techniques on tissue and cytology samples by accurate devices and efficient staff.
The reception of tissue samples is done from 7:00 AM until 7:00 PM.

The presentable services in the pathology department
·       Doing pathology tests with the use of the proprietary technique on tissue samples
·       Doing cytology tests including the cytology report of body fluids such as urine, phlegm, spinal fluid, breast secretions…
·       Cytology report of FNA Thyroid, Breast…
·       Pap smear with both conventional and liquid-based methods
·       The acceptance of frozen section for all tissues
·       The different types of special coloring
·       The preparation of block and slide from different tissues (slide preparation and block)
·       Consultation and report of the slides those are prepared in other labs
·       Preparation of patient's statics as daily and monthly reports and also report of malignant cases every month
It is possible to deliver blocks and samples slides to patients for at least 10 years by written request of doctors and identification cards of patients. There is the accessibility of tissue samples' reports for at most 10 years in pathology reports archives.
Hope the attempts of pathology and cytology department's staff of Babol Razi Laboratory to the accommodation of the fastest and most reliable services, can provide satisfaction and assurance of dear doctors and patients.


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