Hematology involves the study of blood cells, blood coagulation, hematopoiesis, and its main purpose is to diagnose and treatment of blood diseases. The diagnosis of blood diseases depends on the full knowledge of the components of the blood and its products. This science is important for chemotherapy and dialysis, which is used to diagnose blood diseases and to make good products for the treatment of disease.

The Hematology Section of the Razi Laboratory of Babol has experienced and efficient personnel and provides the unit's routine and specialized services with the accuracy and precision of the standards set by the Health Reference Laboratory.


Quality control in the unit of hematology:

To ensure the answers to all tests and abnormal parameters are repeated by different devices and manual methods and also compared manual methods and automated methods in cases where there is a history of the disease. Also, the hematologic unit performs quality control according to the standard methods of the day in the world. All equipment and personnel are under control and the continuous process of prevention and reduction of laboratory errors is at the top of the work.

Getting appropriate and acceptable foreign quality controls at least twice a year by the Pishgam Iranian company (documented and available in quality control documents) confirms the quality of our work.


Microscopic Diagnosis:

In addition to the daily presence of Dr. MJ Soleimani's technical director and his direct supervision and continuous control over the process of medical diagnosis, Ms. Dr.E Shafiq(Anatomical pathologist) and Dr.Sh Soleimani (Clinical pathologist), help in the differential diagnosis of abnormal cells.

Available tests:

In addition to the routine and specialized tests provided in the following list, Babol Razi Pathobiology Laboratory is proud to offer specialized immunohematology services, the list of which can be mentioned.


  • Fibrinogen

2-  CBC


4-  Hemogelobin-

5- Heamatocrit

6 -body  Inclusion

7 -Sickle cells

8- WBC

9- Clot Retraction

10- Platelet count

11- Factor 8  VIII

12 -ESR 1hr

13-  ESR 2hr

14-  B.G & RH

15-  PBS

16- Reticulocyte count

17-  LE Cell

18 - Lupus Anti coagulation

19- B.T

20-  C.T

21- PT

22- PT (mix)

23- PTT

24- PTT (mix)

25-  Blastlac cell

26 - Malaria smear

27-  Osmotic Fragility test

28- Specimen Wound

29- Leishman Body

30- Borelia

31 -Protein.C

32- Protein . S

33-  Factor 7

34- Immature cell

35-  Hb Electrophoresis

36- HbA2 HPLC

37-  Atypic lymph

38- Factor  13 xiii

39- G.6.P.D Titr

40- HBV (Genotype)

41- FDP


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