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Razi laboratory Policy :

Believing that professional ethics in a lab is as influential as expertise. We put the following ideals at the forefront of our work, and we always strive to prove our commitment to the city, the country, and the community in which we live by blowing the spirit of commitment from all lab managers and staff.
We believe that the promotion of staff knowledge will undoubtedly enhance and improve the treatment and prevention of patients' illnesses, and will lead to health for families and ultimately for society.

Razi laboratory schedule a modern, systematic and predetermined goal has taken the following purposes :

Improve the quality of laboratory services so that criteria and indicators to assess quality.
Extend the range of tests accepted and performed at this center to launch new departments and processes.
Increasing the satisfaction of people who are associated to this center So that we can meet their needs with all their might.
The achievement of the above goals has always been a concern of the management and staff of the Razi Lab, and despite all the facilitating conditions we seek to achieve these goals.
Babol Razi Pathobiology Laboratory is the largest laboratory (In terms of area) in Iran.

Mohammad Jafar Soleimani Amiri


Iran, Mazandaran, Babol, Modarres Avenue


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E-mail: info@razilab.com